Below are documents that complement the material presented to you on Friday, August 22nd

iPad App Request form

A few Tips and Reminders from the Southern Tioga Technology Team on How to keep our server(s) running smoothly and efficiently today and in the future.  

  1. Never allow students or anyone to log in using your account
  2. Lock or Log off your computer before leaving the room.
  3. Store important documents and files on your X: Drive where only you have access (must be on campus to access) or or utilize Google Drive, our cloud based system which can you accessed from anywhere.
  4. Store files you need to share with your students on the U: Community Drive or or utilize Google Drive, our cloud based system which can be accessed from anywhere.
  5. Remember – Files placed on the P: Public drive can be accessed or changed by anyone.
  6. Don’t download or bring your own software into school.  If you need something, even if it is free or something you already have, contact the tech department about installing it.  To ensure our internal and local systems are running properly we must screen and monitor all programs on our server and your computer.  Free software that can be downloaded online often contains viruses, malware, malicious code, or other junk imbedded or attached.  Our technicians know where to locate clean versions of software, and how to manage and facilitate the safe download of software.
  7. Please do not ask your entire class of students to download or watch something online from YouTube or any other streaming media provider.  We do not currently have the internet bandwidth, nor will we have in the near future to support high volume use of open streaming of media.  Solution: Download the file you need ahead of time onto our server and store it on the P: Drive.  This will allow for the video to play locally, and not use the bandwidth required for streaming.  This will also ensure that the video will play smoothly for everyone. Whenever possible, please download any video’s you may need for your class a few days before they are needed and play them locally from your system.
  8. Limit printing.  This is a cost each of us can help control just by looking at assignments differently.  With each student having a laptop, assignments can be delivered and submitted electronically.  Electronic management of assignments will allow for more accessible, customizable and mobile learning.  Electronic Classroom management will also reduce day to day operating costs for our buildings and our district.  Consider a Learning Management System (LMS) like Google Classroom, EDU 2.0, or Edmodo