Below are resources that will complement the SLO training on August 20th and August 21st.

An Overview of SLO’s

Power Point Slides

Documents Shared

SLO Process Template (Blank)

SLO Help Desk (directions for filling out SLO Process)

SLO Section:  5 explained

SLO Process Template (Art Example)

SLO District Timeline

SLO Goal Examples

Literacy Design Collaborative Resources (your writing Assessment Resources)

PDE SAS resources on LDC

Literacy by Design – Template Tasks  “Plug and Play” template tasks are at the heart of the Literacy Design Collaborative.  They take standards from the page into action in the classroom.  This link provides a sample of template tasks that can form the literacy backbone to develop reading and writing skills while learning science, history or literature.  The tasks are another resource found at the New Visions site.

LDC Tasks on SAS  currently there are 73 tasks developed by Pennsylvania secondary educators for grades 6-12 posted on the Standards Aligned System Portal.  Simply go to click on the Materials & Resources tab, enter the letters “LDC” into the Keyword Search cell and all 73 tasks, complete with resources, objectives, standards linkages and lesson plans will be accessible.  All tasks were created as part of a statewide project during the 2010/2011 school year.