Below you will find Resources that will complement the training you received on Friday, August 22nd.

STSD PerformancePlus Site Access 

Video Tutorials

Log-In & Home Screen (4:20)

  1. How to log in
  2. Components of the Home Screen
  3. Preview of the menu icons and their relation to security/ access
  4. Access to help documents
  5. Changing password

Standards & Assessment Frameworks (5:05)

  1. Locating standards (reference, read-only)
  2. Purpose and Application of an Assessment Framework
  3. Creation of PerformanceTRACKER Assessment
  4. Scoring options: manual entry, data upload (CSV files)

Teacher & Student Search (4:22)

  1. Administrators: Searching for teachers, schedules, class rosters
  2. All Staff: Searching for students (teachers restrict to own students), using filters to narrow results

Creating a Flexible Group (4:40)

  1. Purposes of creating groups: data analysis, activity differentiation, class management
  2. Variety of places where groups are created

Interventions (5:07)

  1. Using the Class Detail page to manage interventions: adding/ removing students, entering progress monitoring scores, reporting on student progress
  2. Adjusting interventions from the Student Detail Page
  3. Connections of interventions to Reporting Engine: interventions act as groups

Student Detail Page (5:30)

  1. Details of the page
  2. Filtering capabilities
  3. Usage and application of the page

Reports Page (6:02)

  1. Running a report
  2. Overview usage of filters
  3. Report options
    1. Proficiency Level Reports
    2. Standard Level Reports
    3. Comparative Reports
    4. Assessment Scores Report
    5. Scatter Plot
    6. Level Movement (Student Growth)

Goal Planning (6:53)

  1. Creating goals
  2. Assigning staff to the goal
  3. Progress monitoring goals using district data