Tioga County School Districts Awarded Educator in the Workplace Grant

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The Tioga County School Districts, in partnership with the Northern Tier Workforce Development Board, have been awarded $22,066 to allow educators to participate in the Teacher in the Workplace (TIW) Program. Participating districts include the Northern Tioga School District, Southern Tioga School District, and Wellsboro Area School District.

The Teacher in the Workplace Program has granted a total of $2.6 million dollars to school districts and organizations across the state of Pennsylvania. The purpose of this grant is to connect K-12 classrooms to the workplace by allowing teachers the opportunity to collaborate with local business and industry leaders to enhance their students’ educational experience and career readiness.

K-12 educators from all three school districts will be given the opportunity to apply and select one to three work sites. They will spend a day touring the facility, learn about the job skills of those who work in that industry, and talk to employers about how best to prepare students for these jobs. This will be followed by a curriculum development day where educators will hear from career and training organizations, such as Career Link and Registered Apprenticeships, to create lesson plans to bring the knowledge back to the classroom.

Amanda Capone, Career Pathways Coordinator for Southern Tioga School District, said that “this opportunity will help educators to create industry-driven curriculum adjustments to add purposeful career readiness components. With increased knowledge of industry trends, educators will be better able to guide students through career awareness and exploration to a realistic career plan. TIW opportunities will be instrumental in making sure our students are prepared with the skills and connections they need to succeed in the 21st Century.”

The Teacher in the Workplace grants are funded with federal money made available from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act.

For a full list of grant recipients, please visit: https://www.dli.pa.gov/Businesses/Workforce-Development/grants/Pages/TIW.aspx