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updated June 28, 2019

  • Business Manager – deadline extended to August 9
  • Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessement
  • (2) Secondary Special Education Teachers
  • (Multiple) Part-Time Paraprofessionals – Mansfield.  Applicants must have a 2-year post-secondary education OR be able to complete a state paraprofessional highly qualified competency program within a specified time frame (provided by the District).
  • Full-Time Paraprofessional
  • Cafeteria Substitutes – $9.00/hour
  • Custodian Substitutes – $10.00/hour
  • Coaching Positions for 19/20 – click here for the complete list




ClearancesClick here for instructions

                  The Service Code for the FBI Clearance can be found on the above instruction sheet.

Act 168Click here for the form

Day-to-Day Substitutes needed for all schools

  • Teacher
  • Paraprofessional (teacher assistant)
  • Secretary

To apply for a Teacher, Secretary or Paraprofessional substitute you must apply with Source4Teachers by CLICKING HERE

For more information you may contact:

Gina Van Gorden, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, 570-638-2183 ext. 306, gvangorden@southerntioga.org

Equal Opportunity Education Institution, as required by Title IX and Title VI of the PA Statutes.