Another Educator in the Workplace Opportunity

What is it?

A group of K-12 educators, in Tioga County, will be selected to explore three local industries during the 2019-2020 school year. Educators can choose to participate in all three site visits or just ones of interest. They will learn through employer-led tours describing the various occupations in the company, the skills needed to perform the job tasks, and the training needed for these positions.

Each of these Educator in the Workplace days will be followed by a day of curriculum planning, so educators can begin implementing curriculum adjustments based on industry feedback immediately. These curriculum sessions will include speakers from career-related community organizations and post-secondary institutions as well as collaboration and development time.

Because educators come from all three school districts, there will be a team-building day at the ropes course (with respect to your comfort level!). Previous participants are welcome to sign up again but preference will be given to those who haven’t participated in the program yet.

The 3 Work Sites

Department of Conservation & Natural Resources

Parks and recreation are a huge part of Tioga County. DCNR is responsible for protecting and restoring our public lands and waters. Through this visit, educators will learn about the variety of skills and training needed for everything from trail maintenance and light construction to environmental engineering and environmental education. There are many opportunities for students while they are in high school and beyond.

First Citizens Community Bank

First Citizens Community Bank is part of Citizens Financial Services, Inc., currently a $1.3 billion bank headquartered in Mansfield. They operate 28 offices in 9 counties and 1 in New York. Educators will tour the Mansfield branch and learn about all the jobs available in banking and the numerous ways students can access training for these positions.


MetalKraft Industries, Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturing facility. They metal components like gears, sprockets, bearings, and ratchets used in the automotive industry, lawn and garden supplies, recreational vehicles, and in commercial appliances. Educators will learn about production and distribution including design, metallurgy, and minimal machining. They will also hear about the developing registered apprenticeship being supported by the Northern Tier Regional Planning & Development Commission.

Application Process


If you are interested in being a part of Career Ready Rounds, Round 2, please click on this application link or email Amanda Capone at for more details.Applicants will have two opportunities to apply. The first deadline is Friday, June 7th. Another round of advertising will take place after the 2019-2020 school year begins with a shorter deadline of Friday, August 23rd. Educators do not need to submit applications for both dates (sometimes it’s easier to think about activities at the start of the school year than it is at the end).

*All applications will be reviewed and approved by local superintendents and curriculum directors.