1st Grade Online Resources

Remember, these activities and resources are optional and will not be graded.  Try picking two or three to complete and explore this week. Have fun!

If you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

Mrs. CummingsWarren L Millerncummings@southerntioga.org(570) 662-21921120
Mrs. DominickWarren L Millermdominick@southerntioga.org(570) 662-21921118
Mrs. NickersonWarren L Millerdnickerson@southerntioga.org(570) 662-21921111
Mrs. OakesWarren L Millercoakes@southerntioga.org(570) 662-21921119
Mrs. WilcoxWarren L Millernwilcox@southerntioga.org(570) 662-21921109
Mrs. HamWarren L Millerlham@southerntioga.org (Special Education)(570) 662-21921110
Mrs. SimpsonWarren L Millerhshedden@southerntioga.org (Life Skills)(570) 662-21921117
Mrs. WilliamsWarren L Millermwilliams@southerntioga.org (English as a Second Language)(570) 662-21921218
Mrs. HouseBlossburgjhouse@southerntioga.org(570) 638-21462003
Ms. BaileyBlossburgmbailey@southerntioga.org(570) 638-21462001
Mr. DickinsonBlossburg tdickinson@southerntioga.org (Title One)(570) 638-21462204
Mrs. MaslarBlossburgamaslar@southerntioga.org (Special Education)(570) 638-2146 
Mrs. KutzLibertylkutz@southerntioga.org(570) 324-25216136
Mrs. WilliamsLibertylwilliams@southerntioga.org (Title One)(570) 324-2521 
Mrs. RausherLibertydrausher@southerntioga.org (Special Education)(570) 324-2521 

1st Grade Resources and Activities #1

1st Grade Resources and Activities #2

1st Grade Resources and Activities #3

1st Grade Resources and Activities #4