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At Southern Tioga, our guiding principles…

Learner Driven

A structure, a philosophy; a framework that empowers learners to have a major voice in their learning. 


All stakeholders have a voice that shall include choice, feedback, opportunities for collaboration and access to information, ultimately resulting in informed contributions to our global society.


All learners will be provided opportunities for success, self-expression, curiosity and positive risk-taking.


Encouraging students, family, community and schools to pose questions, problem-solve, seek creative solutions and contribute to the growth of learners.


A belief that learning is a relationship between students, families, schools, community and the global society.

Endless Possibilities

The philosophy that learning has no end, is boundless; infinite.

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    133 Hannibal Street
    Blossburg, PA 16912
    Phone: 570-638-2146
    Fax: 570-638-2150


    8622 Route 414
    Liberty, PA 16930
    Phone: 570-324-2521
    Fax: 570-324-2440


    1 Dorsett Drive
    Mansfield PA 16933
    Phone 570-662-2192
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    8675 Route 414
    Liberty, PA 16930
    Phone: 570-324-2071
    Fax: 570-324-2313


    73 W Wellsboro Street
    Mansfield, PA 16933
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    310 Morris Street
    Blossburg, PA 16912
    Phone: 570-638-2183
    Fax: 570-638-3512


    BLaST IU 17 has been recognized in the Pennsylvania School Public Relations Association’s (PenSPRA) 2019 Excellence in Communications Contest for our website design and communication work with the Southern Tioga School District.
    This year, over 230 outstanding entries were submitted and were judged on design, appropriate content, branding elements, ease of use and navigation.



    Southern Tioga School District has determined that it is necessary to address false rumors that are being spread on social media.  The District has been made aware of social media postings and newspaper ads that claim the District is implementing a curriculum that includes Critical Race Theory, Gender Ideology, and the sexualization of children.  These rumors are categorically false.

    Furthermore, there is no truth to the rumors claiming there are litter boxes in the restrooms in the School District.  

    The School District is in the process of creating a new curriculum that focuses on skills found in Social and Emotional Learning, PA Career Ready Skills, and on preparing for Future Ready students.  The District is developing a curriculum that may include the following concepts: 1) Recognizing and Managing Emotions; 2) Active Listening; 3) Perspective-Taking/Empathizing with Others; 4) Problem-Solving/Decision-Making; 5) Conflict Management; 6) Collaborating Effectively, and 7) Persevering through Challenges and Setbacks.   

    Southern Tioga School District takes its responsibility to educate our children seriously.  We accept all of our students as they are.   We are committed to providing an educational environment that is safe for all individuals and we are committed to assuring a work and educational environment free of unlawful discrimination because of race, color, religion, disability, ancestry, national origin, age, or sex.  In addition, all administrators, faculty, staff, and students share a continuing responsibility to behave in a manner that ensures a work and educational environment that is free of unlawful discrimination.  

    If anyone has questions or concerns, please contact the Superintendent, Sam Rotella, directly at (570) 404-1664 or srotella@southerntioga.org.


    Updated Health and Safety Plan