Staff Members & Contact Information

Our staff members at Liberty Elementary School are listed along with their positions below.  To contact a staff member, please call the LES office at 570-324-2521 or use the linked email address.

Office Staff

Lisa Williams, Dean of Students

Abby Harold, School Counselor

Stephanie Lorson, School Nurse

Gail Mase, Secretary to the Principal


Michael Boarts

Cafeteria Staff

Linda Brucklacher, Head Cook

Rachel Rausher

Stacey Wetzel

Computer Support

Lori Douglass


Ashley Chunko

Lynette Foley

Grade 1

Lindsay Kutz

Grade 2

Tiffani Mattocks

Shaun Wilson

Grade 3

Lindsey Frey

Grade 4

Carissa Flook

Grade 5

Carolyn Casselberry

Susan Krotzer

Grade 6

Cathleen Alexander

Kathryn Schmouder

English as a Second Language

Mimi Williams

Enrichment Coach

Rachel Smith

Learning Support

Lynne Ransom

Deborah Rausher


Sarah Murray


James Champaign, Head Custodian

Kathy Broughton

Jay Kamerer


Helen Feaster

Carol McCloy


Sue Frye

Jennifer Heck

Lona Heyd

Physical Education

Selina Bogacyzk

School Psychologist

Amanda Smith

Speech/Language Support

Emily Dincher

Katie Druck

Title I Support

Lisa Williams