Principal’s Page


“College and Career Ready”. That is the goal we have for all the students at North Penn-Mansfield Jr. /Sr. High School.

North Penn-Mansfield Jr. /Sr. High School is a school community of approximately 560 students.  Students, teachers, and parents work together every day to achieve each of the following:

  • research and utilize best teaching and learning practices.
  • create innovative learning opportunities and maintain important traditions.
  • a safe learning and working environment where learners are engaged.
  • empower all learners to make decisions about the school and their learning.
  • build excellence in academics and character.
  • forge strong and positive connections between students, staff, and the community.
  • present a learner driven environment and philosophy.

Data-driven instruction to raise the academic performance of our students is always at the top of our agenda at NP-MHS.  We have several Act 80 days and teacher in-service days built into our school calendar.  These days provide our staff with the time and resources to review student performance data,collaborate in teacher teams, make curricular adjustments, and engage in professional learning on new topics in education.

A critical component of creating this positive school experience is the acknowledgement of successful student achievement, celebrating quality instruction from our teachers, and the incorporation of school events that involve the community. We utilize a variety of media to celebrate our success.  Please refer to our newsletters, Facebook page, twitter page and local media for the most up to date information.

The district is 1:1 with student technology.  Each student has a laptop to use as a learning tool to use on their educational journey.

We also recognize the critical role that extra-curricular activities play in the positive school experience. NP-MHS and the Southern Tioga School District provide a multitude of opportunities for students to display their talents and develop their interests.  Most of our sports are consolidated which gives our students the opportunity to build relationships with their peers.  Whether it’s through extra curricular activities, music, community service, co-curricular activities or student government, we encourage all students to become involved in school outside the regular school day.

As principal, it is my goal to provide the students and community of North Penn-Mansfield Jr./Sr. High School a school that assists students in the development of their knowledge base and skills through the effective use of our resources. A critical component to this development is the cooperation between parents and NP-MHS staff.

Go Tigers!

Bill David