Teacher Resources – Understanding Copyright

The Basics of Copyright

1. The Basics of Copyright: A Fair(y) Use Tale

This video was created by Eric Faden, a professor at Bucknell University.  The video  is shared under a Creative Commons license.

2. Educational Fair Use
​”Fair Use” is not a ticket to take and use whatever we desire in the name of education.  Rather, it is a set of guidelines that permit limited use of copyrighted materials for educational purposed.  The chart below will help you to understand what types of situations are considered “Fair Use”.


3. What is the Creative Commons?
The Creative Commons is a nonprofit organizers that provides an avenue for easy sharing of original works.  By using the Creative Commons, owners of original works are giving other the right to use, share, and build upon their works.  The Creative Commons can be a great starting point for school projects that require images, video, audio, and other types of media.  Use their search tool as a starting point.


4. Additional Resources on Copyright:

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Additional Resources:

ReadWorks.org : ReadWorks provides research-based units, lessons, and authentic, leveled non-fiction and literary passages directly to educators online, for free, to be shared broadly.

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