1:1 Initiative

Southern Tioga School District has recognized the importance of integrating technology into the curriculum for many years.  Our goal is to build upon what has already been done well and explore new instructional possibilities using research-validated strategies.  To do this, we included technology on the forefront of our decisions and imbedded technology into everything we do.  Technology is no longer seen as a silo unto itself, but rather a conduit through which teaching and learning can travel.

At the district level, It was determined that the most advantageous path forward for our students and staff would be if we were able to transform our schools into a 1:1 environment (one device for every student and teacher).  For students in grades 7-12, the best device was determined to be the Lenovo Yoga 11e (pictured to the right).  All devices will be running Windows 8.1 and Office 2013.  A device is yet to be chosen for teachers, but will be selected and purchased for disbursement during the 2015-2016 school year.  For students in Grades K – 6, the best device was determined to be the iPad. (Pictured below)

We are very excited about the enhancements to our technology and curriculum vision because of the limitless possibilities now available to the students and staff of  Southern Tioga School District.  The support and commitment from both the School Board and District Faculty and Staff surrounding this dynamic initiative has been inspiring and appreciated.  By transitioning our district into a 1:1 environment we will enable every student to be connected to the most state-of-the-art equipment, have the most up-to-date curriculum at their fingertips, and most importantly, provide enhanced instructional opportunities through more individualized instruction.


There are many reasons why so many school districts are trying to become 1:1 schools.  However, there are three main goals we are looking to accomplish with the use of technology.

Curriculum engagement – No longer are objects just words in a book.  Interactive lessons, video clips, collaborative studies, virtual tours, etc. are now possible all from within the walls of the classroom.

Personalized analysis – When a teacher assesses students (formally/informally during class, homework, test, quiz, etc.), typically the teacher is able to determine the percent of the content comprehended by each student.  Rarely do teachers have the time to do a true item analysis and determine exactly with what each student is struggling.  This technology will have the ability to not only provide the teacher with an item analysis, but it will be able to do so in real time – allowing teachers to catch misconceptions before students leave the class.

Individualized Instruction – Due to the aforementioned item analysis, teachers will be able to deliver instruction specific to the needs of each individual student.  Less instructional time will be wasted covering content students already comprehend, and more time can be devoted to concepts truly deserving of more instructional focus.  These data driven decisions can be made much more easily through the use of technology.